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thank you so much kay! or eilasa of soompi for translating the magazine interview! this is a wonderful chance to read min a’s thoughts! enjoy! the interview will divided into two parts as suggested by eilasa

star1 interview – part 1 
there were articles going around about Arang and the Magistrate casts post drama interview, and one of them is Hwang Bo ra. Im glad someone from DCg Shin min a took the excerpt of the article (because post drama interviews are lenghty and covers wide range of topic) because my head hurts finding where Min Ah’s name is . hehe.

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i cannot translate the whole article but i will give you the gist. Shin Min Ah said that Lee Jun Ki and Lee seung gi are both good actors and both have distinctions in terms of age feel(?) Read the rest of this entry »

aw.. maybe she’s too honest but i love that she showed her vulnerable is to say to the public

Actress Shin Min Ah recently talked about how hard it can be to be an actress.

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nothing glamorous but absolutely stunning. i love that she looks

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the last drama related magazine interview she had is way back in october 2010. 🙂 And i just got to say that she is honest! fans can say that she really did gain weight and she was not afraid to tell that. 🙂 although not much(weight)

Actress Shin Min Ah recently talked about what she does to stay in shape and have baby face.

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love love amore pacific’s campaign. 🙂 corporate duties? nevertheless, i love Min A is in this campaign in help protecting our struggling environment.

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