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“but as time passed, you could say that we became very close quickly, because he matched me well from the start we helped one another in the moving scenes all the way to the end, helping the person capture the feelings. Without speaking, we tried to support each other so..” 

  Shin Min Ah on lee seung gi.

(more on her thoughts on this interview)….

cr: (Video: xu88) Thanks to the awesome Beedance07 and 9TF Subteam,

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the colored version! finally. 🙂

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cr: fang@dcgsma

there is really a difference in Shin Min Ah as an actress, an individual, and endorser and a model. and i super love her being a MODEL. and you see. i like really like so ji sub-min ah >>>>>> woo sung-min ah. haha.

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on the left side is the final rankings. In the middle is the Male respondents and on the right,female respondents.

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