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no skinship! suddenly i missed the actor seung gi already. love love his eyebrows. and min jung eoni is a stunner! ^_^


up to now, i still call Lee min jung as Ha Jae Kyung. you can’t blame me. ^^  and the usual seunggi who is making the staff laugh-with his cuteness [fan girl level] with his wits. i mean. and lee seung gi grabbing min jung’s arms. oh yeah super manly! and you can see they’re comfortable now with each other some how.

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it makes me wanna go to country side and go hiking again.

With the upcoming Korean theatrical release of Jane Eyre, fans participated in a fun poll. Cine Seoul asked fans to vote which Korean celebrity would best fit for the role of Jane Eyre if it ever were to have a Korean version. The poll took place from April 11th to the 18th, and actress Lee Min Jung won with an overwhelming 50.8% of the votes.

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Survey done from March 7th to March 25th ,a total of 200 housewives participated in the survey  ‘Who is the most perfect couple in the cf?’

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