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apparently, this came out along with Lee Seung gi’s Naver interview! OH MY HOI HOI! how many pictures are they hiding from us!


along with the photo the caption says  “Im really sorry and thankful to Min ah NOONA, this is my first time calling her Noona”

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the story line of the vid is that, its Shin Minah’s bday. then, Rain came.and let her work when she tried to escape he stopped her. after that they quarrelled and when they were in the car together after Minah punched him, she said ‘its no fun’ then her mom asked for forgiveness she said its okay then she cried(miho) and Woong called (omona, the fan inserted woong)the sub says, i prepared(? not know what sajolkke means) don’t cry. (omona this is getting cuter, why!?) then ate ice cream then dated, then woong asked her to go first since he wanted to do something, then the fireworks scene was inserted then in the end, rain came and dragged her,  she said “ITS MY BIRTHDAY”


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“Saying ‘If we live, we live together. If we die, we die together’ to a woman who didn’t exist in reality, it really echoed in my heart.”

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more pictures at

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