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shin min ah looking cute! ❤

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or what? it’s 1:14 am here 😛

Brief Translation from Interivew: 《韩国TVドラマ》 Vol.41

Note from original translator: Although the article appears heavy in content but a lot of it is similar to the post MGIG interviews Minah did. The similar parts will not be translated, only translating parts not mentioned previously.

1. I love eating meat, so I was really happy at the cow eating scene in the beginning. Although the people around me told me that “eating too much will not be good and to spit out after the take was completed’ but I still ate all of them. I also liked soda so I never found it hard during filming. However, because I often ate, I felt that I gained weight halfway through the drama, so I started limiting my meat intake. However, towards the end of the drama, there was few meat eating scenes which is something regrettable. (laughs).

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Expo Flats News = online news editor] actress Shin Min-a 30 to 50 women have been ranked # 1 most enviable celebrity women. Read the rest of this entry »

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aww. this is a very cute, adorable Minah especially the cute puppy on the CF. wait. for a second i really dont know what product she is endorsing? can someone tell me what is it? haha. ^^___^^

Actress Shin Min-ah is the 45th day on the 4th ‘day of taxpayers’ right to tax office in Yongsan, Seoul, was selected as exemplary taxpayer received a citation.

Usual fashion showcase a variety of ‘fashionistas’, today known as the Shin Min light ivory dress with black stockings and a black belt at the waist coat, and gave the points to the ceremony dressed in a neat chapter has appeared.

Say among the modest fashion of Shin Min-TPO (time, place, circumstances) are aware of manner pyeongyida.

Shin Min-ah as a performer was to contribute to the country’s financial climate, as well as in creating tax geonjeonghan daunting Ibanez was selected as a model taxpayer. The taxpayer’s Day, Lee, Min, Nam Sang-mi, gonghyojin, Cha Tae-hyun will act as the Honorary Chief Civil Service.


additional photos


shin min ah

credits: NATE

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okay, so i know that i really spazzed alot when i watched SBS drama awards way back last December 31 2010. New year is fast approaching, yet still frowning because of the extreme LAG of the streaming site.

ive seen all the Hoi couple cuts, the top 10 awards, drama awards and the best couple cut. Also, cuts of Choi Siwon assisting EUNJUNG <333 and no min woo’s top 10, but this is my first time seeing his real speech.  Not that i ignored our dongjoo sungsaeng hottie but i tried to find his speech only tofund nothing. (maybe because of wrong search words?) lolsbut here it is!


cr: NohMinwooKST

the vid was uploaded on Dec .31, 2010. oh yah its my fault. ;;__;;

His being at the state of “omona its my turn, i know what to say, oh, wait, what to say?. aaah….. ahh…. ” haha:) and most of all my fave part was his Minah Noona. He called Minah.. noona.! 🙂

I know No Min woo has been tweeting about his Miho nim. i remember him tweeting about three pictures of her. i hope they can take selcas together, and work together someday. ^^

just in case you are not familiar with Noh min woo, he played the role of Dongjoo sunsaeng (dr. Dongjoo) in sbs 2010 hit drama My girlfriend is a gumiho. He is a fox hunter who turned out to help the fox he is hunting, Gu Mi Ho ssi. 🙂

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