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Actress Moon Geun Young couldn’t hide her respect and envy for her senior, Ha Ji Won.

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I have no idea if the voting is finished already, but nate released a chart of rankings already.

ill translate the tv drama category only. the second chart.


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Shin Min Ah has a cheerful and pure aura.

2nd: Shin Min Ah

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With the upcoming Korean theatrical release of Jane Eyre, fans participated in a fun poll. Cine Seoul asked fans to vote which Korean celebrity would best fit for the role of Jane Eyre if it ever were to have a Korean version. The poll took place from April 11th to the 18th, and actress Lee Min Jung won with an overwhelming 50.8% of the votes.

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*This post contains upcoming drama productions and their unconfirmed cast. This is just a gather up of what has been released in the news. Moo

Costume Drama “The Princess’ Man” to star Kim So-eun & Kim Bum or Lee Seung Gi.

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as of 2011 .4 .11 21:18

Female Drama Category

1. Cinderella Sister Moon Geun Young 48.8%
2. All my love Gain 16.2%
3. Secret GardenHa Ji-won   10.7%
4. Dong Yi Han Hyo-joo,  4.3%
5  Dream High IU 3.6%

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minah excerpt

‘Goddess’ body’ Shin Min-a be why ‘suicides’ in April syotkeoteu hair fashion magazine covers and the degradation of the femme fatale was an intense charm. Read the rest of this entry »

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