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I think some have already known, that I am really lucky today…I got his signature….
At first, I thought that I would just have a look and take some photos,
Before the fan signing event began,one fan stopped me,and then gave me her card number…
She said she will have another chance in the future,so this time she will give the chance to me ..
Although i felt a little scared but I also felt that I am really lucky , so I went to the fan signing event site.

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cr: 1YSJ

lol. in times like this. i can be the happiest fangirl. Super Junior winning on the background and seunggi’s heodangness. oh.

There are two kinds of people in this world. People who are good at everything they do, and people who are not good at anything they do. Lee Seung Gi belongs to the former.

…All the spotlight has been on Uhm Tae Woong lately…

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omo. this is  not much of a real dance but a hmm. ssanti dance? but who cares. seunggi’s doesn’t do this every episode. its like a special ep when he dances.(for me)




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