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So, Mnet has this summer awards show. And guess what! No Super Junior –_– i cannot believe this. anyways. before this turns into ranting  i am glad to say that Min Ah, Seunggi, Hyo Jin [Gu Ae Jung], Cha Seung won [Dokko Jin] were nominated. And team aejin are definitely topping the online voting charts they’re in, except for the other category hyo jin is in where GD is leading. lol. . while seung gi and Min a comes in 2nd. but with your clicking power *clickclickclikc* you can definitely make a change!

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Oh dear. ;__; im tempted to write how awesome Yoon Pil Joo is as a second lead. not the typical loser type. No no!! and this is a coming from a person who is never fond of second leads ! no, not even Shin woo hyung! or jihoo sunbae!

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